Thursday, July 18, 2013

To Victory with good hair!

I suppose this is sort of a semi-outfit post. Mostly it's just to show off my good hair, which I had done by sleeping in foam rollers all night. This rarely happens now because Im sick of my curls falling out when I next sleep on them.
So here is me with good hair, my favourite WWII Victory brooch and wearing a mid 1940s dress.

My room is a bit of a mess at the moment so I cropped most of it out. Ha!

To Victory! Bakelite and celluloid brooch found on etsy.

I look really goofy here but it was the best shot of my hair. A huge curly fringe and a puff of curls at the bottom. Ha, I think my smile often looks this goofy as the centre of my teeth don't match the centre of my mouth, thanks braces!

I am so loving winter, long sleeve dresses and jackets!


  1. Don't you look the picture! Absolutely gorgeous and perfect hair!

  2. Your hair is absolutely perfect, and with that dress, it looks like you've stepped right out of the 1940s. Also, you have the most lovely eyebrows!

  3. Oh my gosh that brooch is SO CUTE!! I want one :) Also, your hair is adorable.

  4. I don't think you look goofy at all. Beautiful!

  5. You look so darling! That brooch is just wonderful. Ohh, how I long for it to be cold here in Tennessee. Cannot wait to wear jackets and long sleeved dresses.


  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments! You're all so lovely! Mwah mwah! xx